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Xclusive Features
Multi-chainSupport Klaytn and Ethereum chain, allowing users to trade freely with various tokens/coins.
Users can choose which token/coin to use to sell depending on the chain
Supports Klaytn Chain (KLAY, Favor, SIX)
Supports Ethereum Chain (ETH, XNO)
Exclusive NFTProvide services to help companies enter the NFT market and grow
Launchpad to support starting NFT projects
Promotional collections that support various on/off-line products and services using NFT unpacking
User First FeaturesProvide specialized functions that focuses on maximizing convenience depending on user characteristics
‘Offer Price Mark’ to classify meaningless price offers, ‘Related’ tab to view related NFT projects, etc.
Convenient functions set to each user's situation, such as multiple holder, will be continuously updated
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